About us

What is our goal?

Concept Daily aims to provide complete and reliable information on different topics of interest sought by our users. We publish clear, reliable research adapted to the trends of the digital world, for those who need simple explanations of the most varied topics.

At Concept Daily we believe that all great learning begins with a question, and that is why each month we help people answer their questions. We design the contents to give our users the answers and information they need in a simple way and with friendly navigation.

Editorial principles

Each piece of content is conceived and created with these principles in mind:

  • Endless learning. Learning enriches our lives, and we never finish learning. We are committed to creating content that sparks curiosity and educates diverse audiences: from students preparing for an exam, teachers designing a class, parents helping their children, or simply a curious reader looking to learn something new.
  • Simple and accessible content for everyone. We publish content that is easy to digest, with clear language for all users. We try to explain even the most complex concepts in the simplest way possible.
  • Objective and reliable information. We create content based on rigorous research carried out by experts in different topics. We include in the articles all the bibliographic sources used, to shed light on the origin of the information, and allow readers to delve into the matter. We have a team of specialists in various subjects to jointly produce, review and edit all the content we offer.
  • Constant review. We constantly review and improve our posts for errors and opportunities for improvement.

Writing style

The contents are written with a pre-established style:

  • Neutral . Neutral English is used, with more universal than local terms, so that they can be understood by English speakers of different customs and dialects.
  • Objective . The facts or characteristics are presented objectively, without evidencing a personal position or appreciation. In the subjects in which dilemmas are raised, information is offered on the main positions and it is explained that there is a debate on the subject.
  • Trustworthy. Verified and supported information is disseminated in various bibliographic sources and reliable sites. The authors do not give preferential treatment to any external information resource (company, publication, affiliate). The editorial team is in charge of reviewing and approving each published article.
  • Simple and straightforward . We look for the clearest way to convey the idea. We prefer simple and short sentences. We avoid the excess of adjectives, connectors, suborations and commas.

The links within the articles have the sole purpose of offering the reader other relevant content on our site, which could help to better understand the topic of interest. It is also frequently linked to external sites when it comes to information sources used for the preparation of the content, or when they could contribute and complement the information provided.

Quality standard

Behind every piece of content is a team of people who have worked to achieve accurate, understandable, and useful content. In addition, each article tries to reflect as closely as possible our previously expressed editorial principles.

Why are some articles without an author?

The main objective of our publications is to achieve pieces of content with the highest possible quality. For this reason, we collaboratively produce many of our articles, among various members of the writing, editing, and publishing team. Then, in addition, the contents are subject to continuous review and optimization processes.

That is why it is not appropriate to mention only one or two people as the sole authors of these contents, we prefer to show the entire Concept Daily as the author of these pieces.

Use of data, privacy and confidentiality

We invite you to visit our privacy policy section, which describes how we collect, store or use the information we collect through the different services or pages available on this website. It is important that you understand what information we collect and how we use it, as access to this website implies acceptance of our privacy and cookie policies .

How is this site funded?

This website is financed solely and exclusively from the sale of advertising space, which is our only source of income, and which allows us to continue to distribute free and high-quality content to our readers. Thanks to the sale of advertisements, we can finance the hiring of various specialists for the production of content, the maintenance of the servers, and the design and development of the encyclopedias. Both the content and the editorial guidelines of this website are independent of advertising. We do not offer or sell any type of sponsored content.

Limited use of content

All Concept Daily articles are distributed for informational purposes only, and should not be considered complete. Also, our content is not intended or intended to be used as a substitute for legal, financial, medical or other professional advice. All items are offered without a warranty of any kind. All the risk of the use of the contents is assumed by the user.

Contact us

Do you have any comments to send us? Whether it’s to share a few words, suggestions, or ideas, we love receiving messages from our readers (and we always try to respond to them). We take into account all the suggestions we receive when improving our content.

Found a bug?

If you discover something in our articles that should be corrected, please write to us at [email protected] . We review all the comments and suggestions of the users and update the content that they need.