Adjective phrases – Concept, function, structure and examples

We explain what adjective phrases are and their differences with subjective subordinate sentences. Also, its structure and examples.

adjective phrases
Adjective phrases are used to attribute characteristics to a noun.

What are adjectival phrases?

Adjective phrases are the sets of words whose nucleus of meaning is a qualifying adjective, since they serve to attribute characteristics to a noun that may or may not be present in the sentence. They should not be confused with adjectival subordinate clauses, generally introduced with the nexus “that”, since a phrase is traditionally a sentence without a verb.

In Spanish, adjective phrases can be formed according to two different structures:

  • Adverb + Adjective (A + A). For example: “potentially harmful” or “sadly alone.”
  • Adjective + Complement (A + C). For example: “full of hubbub” or “tired of living”.

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Examples of adjective phrases

Other examples of adjective phrases are as follows:

  • Very accurate (A + A), as in “That shot was not very accurate
  • More original (A + A), as in “We are looking for a work more original
  • Probably wrong (A + A), as in “An argument probably wrong
  • Something sad (A + A), as in “My aunt was Something sad in the morning”
  • Tremendously boring (A + A), as in “Mirta’s boyfriend is tremendously boring
  • Too small (A + A), as in “My shoe doesn’t fit, it’s too small
  • Deeply regretful (A + A), as in “Forgive me, I’m deeply regretful
  • Ready to go (A + C), as in “The boy, Ready to go, I was waiting for you “
  • Short of air (A + C), as in “We reached the top, short of air, and we sat down “
  • Great for you (A + C), as in “The dress arrived, big for you
  • Far from here (A + C), as in “Let’s go far from here
  • Tired of waiting (A + C), as in “One day, sick of waiting, I decided to continue my way “
  • Happy from life (A + C), as in “And they kept dancing, happy life, Until sunrise”
  • Marked with a red mark (A + C), as in “Marked with a red mark, the houses were waiting for the demolition team ”.