Asonant Rhyme – Concept, consonant rhyme and examples

We explain what an assonance rhyme is and examples of consonant and assonance rhyme. Also, how a free rhyme is composed.

Assonance rhyme
In assonance rhyme the vowels at the end of two or more verses coincide with each other.

What is it a rhyme?

A rhyme is the equality or similarity of phonemes between two or more words from the last syllable of both. For example, the words cantion and praytion.

There are two types of rhymes: assonance rhymes and consonant rhymes. The difference between one and the other is that the first one only matches one or more vowels of the last word of a verse with one or more vowels of the last word of another verse.

In other words, it is known as an assonance rhyme to one where the vowels that are at the end of two or more verses, coincide with each other although the consonants do not. For this last reason, it is also known as partial or imperfect rhyme.

On the contrary, in a consonant rhyme the entire ending of one word coincides with another when both are at the end of a verse.

Rhyme is used for an aesthetic purpose for, basically, poetry, in order to adorn or embellish a certain text with the tone.

There are two forms of assonance rhymes: an assonance rhyme can rhyme with another word from the last vowel only or, also, it can be done in more than one vowel but always from the last syllable.

In short, an assonance rhyme only repeats the vowels found at the end of a word, while consonant rhymes coincide in the completion of the entire syllable of a word.

Examples rhyming consonant and assonance

Assonance rhymes will be underlined for distinction, while consonant rhymes will be highlighted in bold.

  • In the middle of this id stormeas
    I come to show my toma

    Beyond the peleas

    That my mind is plasteredma

  • Where will your forgetfulness walk
    That in my nights he visited meta

    They disturb my essence
    And my mind transitionedta

  • Yesterday i met love
    As pure as snow
    As sweet as the miel

    And as sad as the hiel

  • I know that between the tempest of your words
    And the sweetness of your gaze
    A path is woven
    I can only reach with the soul
  • No matter how much you walk
    You will not be able to get where you want
    Well, you still don’t know how to see
    The path that you weave
  • Tell me if I have made a mistake
    Tell me if with a song I can express my sorrow and pain
    Well when your gaze sinks into my eyes,
    I can only feel sorry for the pain that I have caused
  • I can express what I feel with the song of a bird
    The singing of a magpie or a canary is not the same
    So my soul expresses itself
    Depending on what I have experienced


It is called rhyme or perfect rhyme (as the name implies) when the last syllable of a word that is at the end of a verse completely matches the syllable of another word that is also found at the end of another verse. An example of a consonant rhyme is the following words:

  • Can – tion
  • O – ra – tion
  • Pro – li – fe – ra – tion
  • From – duc – tion
  • In – to – na – tion
  • Re – duc – tion
  • A – so – cia – tion
  • Per – fo – ra – tion

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Free rhyme

A free rhyme or white rhyme is a type of rhyme that is neither assonance nor consonant. It is a type of rhyme that is not caught or bound by the rules of poetry.

That is, a free or white rhyme is one in which the words at the end of a verse do not match, they do not rhyme. However, it keeps its poetic structure.

In other words, a free rhyme lacks rhyme but they have a pattern since they are written in verses although they do not present consonant and / or assonance rhymes.

Finally, it is important to note that the traditional verses are made up of 4 stanzas, but the verses in the white rhyme or free rhyme do not respect this structure either. Example of free rhymes are as follows:

It was beautiful that morning

Very bright that sun
However your absence
It made me sad for no reason

This time it will be as I say

Well, your fear clouded your heart
That heart full of love that I adored so much
And how good it made me feel years ago when I first met you

This morning when I get up

A cup of coffee i took
The smell of fresh toast
It took me back to my childhood
When my mother, tired of life
He would prepare us similar toasts
To those who now enjoyed

There were four cats

Those who met in the middle of the night
They fought for a female
And fighting their lives went away