Birth – What is it, concept, information, how it happens

We explain what birth is and why it is different for different types of living beings. Also, what is a birth certificate.

For humans, birth is often a difficult event that requires help from others.

What is birth?

The birth it is the final moment of the gestation stage of a living being, in which it begins its life as an individual physiologically independent. In the case of human beings and other viviparous animals, birth is also called childbirth, and it is considered the initial moment in the life of each living being, from which they begin to turn years of age.

However, birth is not the same for all living beings:

  • Viviparous animals. Birth consists of the expulsion of the fetus through the birth canal into the mother’s body.
  • Oviparous animals. The birth is considered the hatching of the egg and the liberation of the new individual as the moment of being born.
  • Ovoviviparous animals. The birth is considered the moment in which the eggs hatch inside the mother and the individuals manage to leave the surrounding environment.

Anyway, the birth it is the initial and fundamental stage of the life cycle, from which living beings begin to grow and develop.

In the case of human beings, birth is usually a difficult event that deserves help from other human beings, which has not only endowed it with special significance in our cultures, but has also motivated the development of a whole branch of medicine dedicated to bringing new individuals into the world in the best way.

Birth certificate

A birth certificate, birth record, or birth certificate It is a document with legal validity, which attests or certifies the coming into the world of a new human being, leaving a record before the State (and for the use of those who may be interested) where and when the event occurred, who the parents are and what are the traits and the name of the new individual.

This type of documentation is essential for population control and also to guarantee the newborn individual their fundamental rights to identity, the recognition of their peers and the formalization of their existence within the bureaucratic apparatus of the State.