Emergency – Concept, types and medical emergencies

We explain what an emergency is and what types of emergency exist. Also, what is an emergency system.

In forest fires, a state of emergency is usually declared.

What is an emergency?

An emergency is a attention in an urgent and totally unforeseen way, either due to an accident or unexpected event. It depends on the field in which it is used, this word may have different meanings.

The term emergency is often used by most people to conjecture a situation that got out of control and as a consequence, it caused a disaster.

Today, we can distinguish between different types of emergencies:

  • Ecological emergency. The ecological emergency refers to that scenario derived from human activity or natural phenomena that seriously modify its composition, entailing a great danger to the various ecosystems. A clear example of an ecological emergency is global warming and the oil spill.
  • Rural emergency. An example is forest fires, since when such a layer of fire spreads over hectares and hectares of forest, it causes the erosion of the vegetal layer, causing a great loss of salts and nutrients to the soil. Due to the high temperatures during the fire, the chemical and biological composition of the soil is modified, putting in serious danger the people who live near the forest and those who feed on it.
  • Health emergency. It is an emergency that was caused by a pandemic or epidemic, such as Ebola.
  • State of emergency. This is decreed when an event occurs in a country that threatens the peace of the citizens. The state of emergency consists of depriving yourself of certain rights or activities. During 2008, several countries declared themselves in a state of emergency due to influenza A and its rapid spread in the various states.

Medical emergencies

Emergency - Medical emergency
If the emergency takes place on the street, we refer to pre-hospital medicine.

The emergency system will respond to the patient’s situation and to the elements that the doctor or whoever provides emergency medical assistance has. The care will also be different depending on the place where the emergency is requestedIf it is performed in a hospital, we speak of a hospital emergency. On the other hand, if it is done on the street, for example, we refer to pre-hospital medicine.

Emergency medicine or emergentology is that which acts on a medical emergency, an illness in an advanced stage, or something that threatens the life of a person.

Hospitals and ambulances have services that are commonly referred to as emergencies or emergencies. Generally, when an accident occurs on public roads, the steps to follow are as follows: first, the accident area is secured, trying not to have more victims. Then, the emergency system is activated, trying to receive prompt help from the public health system.

The next step to follow is the assistance to victims affected by the accident. It is very important not to move them from their positions, as they could have fractures and this would negatively affect their health. If we have not received instructions on how to care for accident victims, we must stay out of the situation, leaving the experts to do their job.

When the patient is not breathing or their heartbeat is slow or practically non-existent, it is of utmost importance that they begin to make their nervous system work artificially until professional help arrives. This includes cardiovascular breathing, defibrillation, and advanced life support.