Lumbersexual – Concept and characteristics of this fashion

We explain what a lumbersexual is and what this fashion consists of. In addition, the origin of this term and its relationship with nature.

A lumbersexual highlights the traditional concept of masculinity.

What is a lumbersexual?

The term lumbersexual It has become fashionable based on certain aesthetic trends in men’s fashion, characterized by a certain air of unconcern about appearance, with long beards, scruffy shirts, usually plaid, jeans, rustic boots, in short, items that refer to a masculinity a bit rough, country, summed up in the ideal likeness to an American lumberjack (hence the term lumbersexual: derived from lumberjack, “Lumberjack” in English).

Lumbersexuals are generally considered to be an answer to the metrosexual aesthetic, very in vogue during previous years, and according to which the man had to pay enough effort and attention to his appearance to look neat, shaved, combined and in some cases made up, characteristics that are traditionally associated with the feminine spectrum of social roles and of fashion.

Thus, the lumbersexuales would come to be a staging of some traditional idea of ​​the masculine: virility linked to strength, physical effort, natural appearance and carefree for fashion. The latter constitutes a paradox, as lumbersexuals are precisely a male aesthetic fashion for which not a few accessories, clothes and accessories are offered on the market, and to which no little attention is paid.

There is really no sexual or erotic determination of lumbersexuals, although their appearance suggests protective, paternal, aggressive, self-confident roles. They are supposed to love nature, even though it’s about an eminently urban fashion. The men who adhere to this fashion can also belong to any sexual orientation. It is not really about a sexual gender, but about a fashionable aesthetic.