Physical Fitness – Concept, aerobic capacity and flexibility

We explain what physical fitness is and what its components are. Aerobic capacity, flexibility, endurance, strength, speed, and more.

Physical aptitude
Good physical fitness consists of aerobic capacity and flexibility.

What is physical fitness?

Physical fitness refers to the ability of a person to perform some type of physical activity. It is the natural condition that human beings have to do any activity.

Physical fitness is something that a person develops over time. Any quality can be improved through practice and effort.

Each person has a different physical quality for what he / she develops better, however, whatever that quality is, one must have good physical fitness, which, among other components, consists of aerobic capacity and flexibility.

Aerobic capacity

Physical aptitude
Aerobic activities do not require great physical effort.

Aerobic capacity is the The body’s ability to do long-term physical activities, in addition to being low or high intensity with an estimated time of three to four minutes.

Aerobic activities they do not need a great physical effort, the most important thing is the duration of each one of them. This type of training is mainly responsible for eliminating accumulated fat from the body, immediately someone who exercises in this way will notice how the circumferences of their body, especially the abdomen, begin to be reduced.


Flexibility is the ability of muscles to stretch without damaging them in any way. Flexibility is dependent on the muscular elasticity and joint mobility that the body has.

However, there are many factors that also help flexibility, they are genetic inheritance, age, the younger one is in age, the more elasticity the body has. For physiological reasons women have greater flexibility than men.

Other important factors are ambient temperature and muscle temperature, always a warm-up is essential before doing any type of activity physical and never demand too much from the muscles, as this would cause great damage to them, in some cases even irreversible.

Other components

Physical aptitude
The joints need to be strengthened through physical activity.

In addition to being composed of these two factors, physical fitness is also developed from:

  • Muscular endurance Muscular endurance is the number of times that it is carried in each training, that is, the body itself has resistance itself, but it must carry out the resistance in the upper part of the body repeatedly.
  • Muscular strength. It is the ability of a muscle to perform a certain amount of force to achieve better resistance in a single effort.
  • Joint mobility. Muscles, bone structure, tendons and ligaments are involved in joint mobility. It is necessary for the joints to be strengthened through physical activity, so if they are not in good condition, other factors, such as muscular endurance, will not be able to be trained.
  • Speed.
  • Muscle elongation. It is the most important thing before doing physical activity. Stretching and relaxing the muscles by elongating them prevents us from future injuries and damage, it is about preparing the body to strengthen it.
  • Anaerobic potential. They are the activities of reduced time and with a great level of intensity.
  • Muscle power It refers to the amount of training and work that is done in a given amount of time. In athletes, it is very important to have a good muscular power training, since with it they will be able to stand out in certain activities.