Political scientist – Concept and famous political scientists

We explain what a political scientist is, what are the fields of study in which he specializes and some famous political scientists.

Political scientist
A political scientist has knowledge of the dynamics of power in human society.

What is a political scientist?

A political scientist is called a political scientist, that is, to those who studied Political Science: a discipline dedicated to the design and implementation of the different systems of organization of societies.

Thus, political scientists are considered specialists in politics, and the term can often be extended to those who, having trained in other fields of knowledge, demonstrate great scholarship on the subject. In other words, a political scientist demonstrates a broad understanding of the dynamics of power in human society, being able to analyze it from various critical perspectives.

Political science as a field of organized knowledge makes use of various areas of knowledge, such as sociology, economics, history and other specialized tools such as statistics, discourse analysis, etc.

This multidisciplinary approach would have to give a political scientist sufficient tools to explain and therefore understand political issues faced by a given society.

In the same way, a political scientist can work professionally in areas such as public administration, inter-institutional relations or public relations, or work as a teacher, communicator and researcher.

Its performance in the public sector is key, since it contributes to the political leadership of the nation and / or the administration of its resources (human and material); While in the private sector you can perfectly devote your complex thinking and needs detection skills to the design of strategies and the planning of objectives. They are highly versatile professionals in their immediate field of work.

Famous political scientists

A list of renowned political scientists in the history of this discipline must begin even before its formal acceptance into the academy of social sciences: in philosophers of antiquity such as Plato, Aristotle or Plutarch, who developed political philosophy; but also, later, in the work of other modern thinkers such as Niccolò Machiavelli (author of the famous treatise Prince), the Baron de Montesquieu, Jean Jacques Rousseau or Carlos Marx.

Other prominent names, although much more contemporary, are Max Weber, Harold Lasswell, Norberto Bobbio, Hannah Arendt and Robert Alan Dahl. Many of them are responsible for shaping contemporary political thought and also, indirectly, for the current political makeup of many nations.