Procedures Manual – Concept, objectives and examples

We explain what a procedures manual is and what its objectives are. Its importance for an organization and some examples.

Procedures manual
The procedures manual is a document for internal use in an organization.

What is a procedures manual?

A procedures manual is a document that provides information regarding the different operations carried out by an organization, company or a specific department of it. It is prepared by the same institution or organization where it is used and presents its information in a detailed, orderly, systematized and understandable way.

It is designed as an administrative tool for daily use, since allows to guide the performance of the worker before any doubt. On the other hand, it is also an instrument that facilitates internal control of the organization, as it details the tasks that must be carried out.

When we speak of procedures, in this area, we refer not only to specific actions and sets of tasks, but also to the materials involved, the order in which they must be carried out, the time they normally must take, and the systematic and concatenated set of processes. that result in the production of the company or the department.

Objectives of a procedures manual

The procedure manuals aim to:

  • They facilitate training and training of personnel.
  • They specify the capacities and responsibilities of each position job, department or the entire organization.
  • They provide a comprehensive view of the processes that make up the work of the company or organization.
  • They compose the procedural history of the organization, later gaining documentary value.
  • They allow the performance evaluation of workers based on the ideal expected by the company.

Importance of a procedures manual

new employee procedures manual
If in doubt, employees can consult the procedures manual.

Small businesses often lack procedure manuals. This may be because they have not had time for it, nor are their areas or departmental responsibilities fully defined (if they have departments at all). In other cases, they simply have not seen the need to produce a document for the future.

However when a company grows the way the work is done needs to be reviewed, questioned and monitored. Additionally, new staff require firm, written guidelines of what their job comprises. On the other hand, procedure manuals operate like insurance: it is preferable to have them and not need them than to need them and not have prepared them.

Examples of procedure manuals

Some examples of procedures manuals of various kinds are: