Sapiosexual concept – What it is, behavior and aspirations

We explain what a sapiosexual is, the origin and meaning of this term. Also, what are the aspirations of a sapiosexual.

The erotic interest of a sapiosexual is determined by intelligence.

What is a sapiosexual?

The term is used sapiosexual To refer to those whose erotic interest is determined by intelligence. In other words, they are people who are erotically attracted to those who demonstrate knowledge, quick thinking, sharpness, or talent, rather than physical attributes or other characteristics. However, the sapiosexuals They tend to build relationships of friendly infatuation, far from passion.

That term comes from a new use of the Latin root sapere (“To know”), in the same way that it is used to refer to the scientific name of our species: Homo sapiens, the man who knows things.

In that sense, it is assumed that the sapiosexuals prioritize mind over body and they fall in love with the first without caring too much about the second, so, in theory, their gender or biological sex could be totally indifferent to them. This fashionable label in social networks and dating software has been widely accepted by the community, but it arouses little interest by sexologists and scholars of the subject, who normally consider it a fad.

It is a useful label, as they indicate, to insist on a highly traditional aspect of human relationships, which is the valuation of the way of being of an individual over his appearance or his social behavior. In that sense, sapiosexuals They would aspire to meaningful relationships, sharing knowledge and mutual learning, and not just carnal relationships.

The paradox is that, in principle, what sapiosexuals Aspire has always been known as love. Perhaps the need to be classified in this way responds to the fact that in recent times the world of affective and erotic relationships has been more banalized and commercialized than ever, through a culture of superficial evaluation, simulation and appearance, which enhance tools such as Tinder or Grinder, in which you quickly choose or discard without needing to know much about the other person.

If so, sapiosexuals would be more a symptom or a claim to our society, than a true novel sexual orientation.