Soccer – Concept, rules, playing field and futsal

We explain what soccer is and what the main rules of this game are. Also, how should the playing field and futsal be.

In football, the team that scores the most goals in 90 minutes will be the winner.

What is Soccer?

Soccer is defined in the first place as a game that includes two opponents and a referee with the ability to impose impartial justice. Each opponent is made up of a team of 11 players on the playing field each, with the option of including substitute players during the football match.

The objective is roll a spherical ball in order to score a point, whose annotation is valid when crossing the limit line of the opposing goal. Each point achieved is known as goalTherefore, the team that scores the most goals in the course of 90 minutes – net time of a match – will be the winner.

Each team must include in its template a goalkeeper or goalkeeper, the only player capable of touching the ball with his hands and with the task of preventing the ball from crossing its own arc; a group of defenders; a group of flyers and finally a group of forwards. The tactics of each squad may vary according to the preference of the technical director in charge of the soccer team.

Main rules of soccer

Upon seeing a red card, the player must leave the field of play immediately.
  • Side kick. Once the ball has crossed a side line, you must proceed to take the ball with your hand to put it back into play.
  • Goal kick. Once the ball has crossed the front line, having been touched for the last time by a team in the rival field of play, the rival goalkeeper must put the ball into play from his goal.
  • Corner shot. Once the ball has crossed the front line and has been touched for the last time by a team in their own court, the opponent will be awarded to restart the game with a ball kick from the corresponding vertex.
  • Yellow card. It will be up to the referee to sanction a player with a yellow card when a player commits an offense.
  • Red card. A player will see the red card when receiving two yellow cards and must leave the field of play immediately. It can also be sanctioned with a direct red card.

The playing field

The playing field must be at least 90 meters long and a maximum of 120 meters long.

The playing field to practice professional football must meet certain conditions established by the sports authority known as FIFA (International Federation of Association Football). These conditions are:

  • You will need to include natural or artificial grass rectangular in shape.
  • Long established measurements. minimum 90 meters, maximum 120 meters.
  • Set measurements of width. minimum 45 meters, maximum 90 meters.
  • The bows They must measure up to 2.44 meters, with 7.32 meters of separation between one lateral pole and the other.

Futsal (or soccer 5)

Futsal It is made up of two teams made up of 5 players each. The duration of the match is 40 minutes, separated into two 20-minute parts. Its playing field ranges between 40 meters long and 20 meters wide and is made of solid material. In terms of rules, it is made up of the same rules as traditional football, except for the exclusion of offside and laterals made with the foot.