“Stalkear” – Concept, stalker behaviors and what is a crush

We explain what “stalking” is, how a person behaves stalker and its possible objectives. Also, what is a “crush” and its meaning.

Stalkear is the effort to find out and know everything about a person.

What is it “stalk“?

It is understood by stalk or blow up to a form of harassment or technological espionage, which usually occurs in the novel environment of social networks and the Internet. In general terms, this term is used to refer to an obsessive, insistent behavior, determined to find out as much as possible about a person (usually an old partner or an emotional rival) through their social media accounts, especially those that contain personal data: photographs, messages, etc., such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., devoting a great deal of time and attention to it.

The people who carry out these actions are usually called stalkers or you will explode, and they can do it for a diverse number of reasons: from love spite, jealousy or curiosity, to resentment, intimidating purposes or even with the purpose of stealing the identity of the harassed. In some cases, this type of behavior borders on the violation of privacy and can lead to actual or physical harassment.

The term stalkear is a neologism (new term in the language) popularized since the rise of social networks and 2.0 culture, and was borrowed from the English language (to stalk, which translates “harass”), which is why it also constitutes an Anglicism.

Various studies on the behavior of people on the Internet are interested in the frequent obsessive or disrespectful behavior of the privacy of others that seems frequent in this type of virtual networks. This includes harassment of celebrities or public figures, but also ordinary individuals, thus giving rise to harmful psychological or emotional habits, if not risky behaviors.

What is a “crush“?

Another term commonly used in the dialect of culture 2.0 is to speak of “the crush“Or” have a crush”. It is also a loan from English, a language in which it literally means “crush, destroy”, but which in a certain way slang or informal use of the word, translates instead “infatuation” or “fixation”.

The use of the term may refer to a sudden, unexpected “crush” or infatuation, love at first sight. Also to an unattainable, platonic or distant love. However, it is associated more with an obsessive feeling: an unreal fixation, silent infatuation, sexual tension or idealized passion for a person, rather than simply a more manageable love or erotic “taste” or feelings. It is common to have a “crush”With a celebrity, or with a public figure such as an actor or an artist.

In fact, the notion of “stalk to the crush, that is to say, of obsessively snooping or probing a person for whom one has passionate, often unconfessed or fanciful feelings.